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Auto Rickshaw Advertising Rawalpindi

Adshor Advertising deals in auto rickshaw advertising in Rawalpindi. Medium and small level companies are mostly get interested in auto rickshaw branding in Rawalpindi Pakistan. When you are looking reliable outdoor advertising agency you will find brand agency name “Adshor Advertising” in outdoor marketing agency which have nationwide operation with professional and experienced team.

auto rickshaw branding in Rawalpindi Pakistan

“Adshor Advertising” Our nationwide outdoor advertising solution available for all brand companies and starting companies who want their product of services become a brand all over Pakistan. Auto rickshaw branding is basically less budget vehicle advertising. Your ad will remain moving on road and give perfect display for products and services. Our coverage area of rickshaw banner pasting is all over Rawalpindi city, area wise targeted rickshaw branding is our specialty.

Publicity on auto rickshaw branding

Cost of Rickshaw advertising is very less but results are very positive remain available for long term basis because auto rickshaw is common and popular way of transport in Rawalpindi. Auto rickshaws remain on roads constantly from 8 to 16 hours daily basis. Products / Services base companies are main focus of outdoor advertising is Rawalpindi because it is a historical city and have big market of selling products and offering services, you can get information about city by click here.

Display area of moving vehicle is basically backside of auto rickshaw, common size of display area is 3.5 feet width and 2.5 feet height, but it is flexible according to client design and sometimes depends of customized auto rickshaw size according to body structure of this three wheel moving vehicle.

An auto Rickshaw remain stand one side of road, moving on service roads, inside streets of local areas, keep moving on main roads of city, when stop on traffic signals, people see ad clearly  and perfect display on road side which is noticeable and eye catching outdoor advertising option for lots of people at same time.