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backlit van Karachi – mobile billboard Karachi

backlight or backlit van are most popular and trending shape of advertising in Karachi city now a days. Adshor deals in truck advertising, it is basically mobile billboards vehicle which are completely wrap up with brand and lights inside trucks give good advertising impression which are moving around main road of Karachi city and inside of streets. Truck side advertising is used in master truck or Suzuki pickups truck  or FAW pickup for advertising . Led Mobile advertising trucks are also available in multiple areas of Karachi city.  SMD LED digital display vehicles are good presentation of video ads of any specific brand at your targeted location is good form of outdoor vehicle advertising.

backlit van Karachi

backlit van Karachi

Float advertising Karachi – Vehicle branding Karachi

Truck side advertisement or advertisement of trucks called “Mobile Billboard”. Brand new foton trucks available for branding, Master trucks are also available in big quantity, We have have available faw van for advertising on monthly rental basis.

Mobile truck advertising rates:

Truck advertising rates are big concert for all interested customers who want to advertise their product in mobile billboard trucks in specific target place in Karachi city. Rates of Mobile billboards vehicles are depending upon following things.

  • Location: Your target area of Truck Movement.
  • Your Chosen Vehicle : Like master truck or FAW truck advertising rates
  • Any specific Season : Rates are remain flexible according to current  demand
  • Time duration: How many months you want to hire truck?
    mobile billboard Karachi

    mobile billboard Karachi

Digital display advertising trucks:

SMD Led Mobile advertising trucks are also available in good rates, all you have to do just call us and share you target area location of advertising we make sure for you to give you good rates and instantly Led Mobile truck available for your good company advertisement purpose.

Adshor is reliable and trusted name in providing vehicle branding in Pakistan because of its good quality dedicated vehicles for advertising and very much affordable cost comparatively other outdoor advertising agencies.

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Master trucks are mostly using for vehicle branding.


FAW TRUCKS are also very much popular and constaly using vehicle as a mobile billboard.